Abu Galum Protectorate

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One of the coastal nature protectorates, extending both into the sea and inland, Abu Galum provides a pristine coast line between Nuweiba and Dahab. Approachable by car only from the north via Bier Zweir, it is also connected on foot or camel-back to the Blue Hole and Dahab in the south. You can also approach it from the desert, as the beautiful finish of a trek or safari. You find camps at Bier Zweir and simple beach huts on the shores at the Laguna and Ras Abu Galum.

Other names/spellings: Abu Gallum, Abou Galum, Abu Galoom

  • Abu Galum Protectorate: much of the area between Dahab and Nuweiba, both land and sea, is part of the protectorate.
  • Ras Abu Galum: beach huts on the coastal floodplain of Wadi Oqda, the way from the desert.
  • Laguna: a shallow lagoon and beach huts on the coastal floodplain.
  • Bier Zweir: a small settlement in a nice setting, along the main car route to the protectorate in Wadi Amud.
  • Desert route: the walking route from the desert includes Naqb Umm Isma, a high pass, Wadi Rsasa, a wider wadi with acacia trees that meets the car route at one point, and Wadi Oqda, a narrow winding stretch accessible on foot that leads to the sea.

See: Trek 20 

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