Abu Zenima

Abu Zenima is a very little town on the coast along the main Cairo- Sharm road with a few shops, cafés, restaurants and possibly basic accommodation. (You find more places to stay bit north of town towards Ras Sudr.) An asphalt road branches off from the main road just outside town in the south, the way to Serabit el Khadim. This is the shortest and easiest route from the coast, although some parts are not paved. You can organise a 4×4 vehicle with Sheikh Barakat’s family at their office in the Desert Falcon Restaurant, and possibly at the other cafés. 

Map of Abu Zenima

There is a small center (1) in Abu Zenima and a little bit out of town there is the turn-off (2) to Serabit el Khadem

See photos of Abu Zenima.

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