You can download from this website FREE and without any conditions the files to view the routes in Google Earth, and the files with the GPS waypoints to use as an aid along a trek or safari.

Google Earth

Google Earth is a fantastic tool – or toy, if you like – to present and view routes. You can zoom in, in many instances so close you can see houses, trees, cars; you can also tilt the view, rotate it and have a 3D effect. It is fun, but if you don’t know where the routes are it’s pretty much meaningless. However, if you download the files you can see the routes in Google Earth marked with a red line, and with corresponding photos attached at many of the waypoints along the way. [Unfortunately photos are not available at present.] If you have The Route Guide as well, you’ll know every important detail. It is not as good as being there, but you do get a very good picture of the treks. 

Download KMZ file


It is not a condition to have a purchased copy of The Route Guide in order to download the GPS coordinates, but since the routes and the waypoints are explained in the book, it makes sense to buy one. It contains a lot of other useful and interesting information, illustrations, maps and photos. In fact, you could enjoy a trek using only The Route Guide alone without the additional benefits of a GPS – of course, if you do have a GPS device you want the data which you find here.

Download GPX zip file

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