Jebel Mileihis

Trek 19

An impressive flat-topped mountain just off Wadi Ghazala, close to Ras Ghazala on the St. Katherine road, it offers stunning views on the desert and even a bit of the sea. The climb is not difficult, although the terrain is not the best as it is loose rocks. At the base of the mountain, the springs of Moyat Mileihis are a magical spot. Keep in mind that if you visit the springs, you will have to climb back the steep pass (unless you continue on to the Ein Furtaga). The area is connected to Ein Furtaga, Ein Khudra, Ras Ghazala or, via Wadi Samqi, to Nuweiba or the Abu Galum Protectorate.

Other names/spellings: Jabal, Gebel, Gabal, Djebel, Djabal – Mleihis

  • Jebel Mileihis: you cannot miss this mountain, with its perfectly flat top standing above lower ranges and plains just off Wadi Ghazala and visible from far distances. Usually approached from Ras Ghazala, there are also connecting routes to Ein Khudra, the Coloured Canyon and the coast at Nuweiba.
  • Moyat Mileihis: water springs at the foot of the mountain in the secluded top of a wadi, that connects to lower part of Wadi Ghazala or to Farat el Ataba via the pass called Naqb Shaymir.
  • Wadi Ghazala: a long and sandy wadi, more like a desert plain at the beginning at Ras Ghazala, draining to Wadi Watir at Ein Furtaga, the way to the Coloured Canyon.
  • Naqb el Hemidet: an important pass accessible on foot and for camels, it connects Wadi Khudra to Wadi Ghazala.
  • Canyon Salama: often sold as “the” Coloured Canyon by some operators, it is a pretty but not extraordinary canyon that starts from the rocky plain in Wadi Ghazala and finishes in Wadi Disco. The later got its name after the Bedouin parties held here, and there is a small settlement.
  • Farat el Ataba: a big open plain with rocky hills in the middle, located east of Jebel Mileihis, on the way to the coast via Wadi Samqi.
  • Wadi Samqi: located near the main Nuweiba road, it is connected to Farat el Ataba, Nuweiba and the Abu Galum Protectorate via different walking and off-road routes.

See: Trek 19 

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