Kharazet el Shaq

Trek 6

One of the most beautiful sights in the high mountains, Kharazet el Shaq consist of a series of overflowing granite water pools at the top of a very steep and long gully, with one of the pools big enough for a dip. There is always water in the main pool, and after rains other pools and water falls form below. The whole Wadi Tinya area, including part of Jebel Abbas Basha, drains through this single gully. You can reach the area via Wadi Tinya, coming from St Katherine, or start from the settlement of Abu Seila.

Other names/spellings: Kharazat, Harazat – el-Shag, al-Shaq, ash-Shaq, ash-Shag

  • Kharazet el Shaq: the granite water pools at the top of Wadi Shaq Tinya.
  • Wadi Shaq Tinya: long and very steep gully connecting Wadi Tinya in the high mountain massif to lower Wadi Itlah and Wadi Jinab.
  • Wadi Tinya: one of the high mountain wadis, connected to St. Katherine via the Wadi Zawatin area. A little canyon just off Wadi Tinya, called Wadi Sagar, is of special interest in the area.
  • Wadi Itlah: the long wadi running from St. Katherine to the lowlands. It is also connected to the settlement of Abu Seila via a canyon known as Ubugiya.
  • Wadi Jinab: a beautiful narrow wadi downstream from the junction of Wadi Shaq Tinya and Wadi Itlah, with possibly water pools along the way. It continues in short Wadi Madaman before reaching the plains at Sheikh Awad.

More details: Trek 6 

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