Nuweiba is a major port city, connecting Egypt to Jordan at their port of Aqaba. The city is spread out with four major hubs: the Muzeina village, Port (Mina), Centre and Tarabin village. Often considered part of Nuweiba, the coast to the resort town of Taba in the north is lined with simple beach camps and it is a pleasantly undeveloped sea shore. Wadi Watir is the main route inland to the Tarabin areas and also to Suez and Cairo. The city is also connected off-road to Jebel Mileihis via Wadi Saada. 

Map of Nuweiba

Nuweiba consists of small hubs quite far apart, and a stretch of beach camps along the road north of the town towards Taba.

Main locations: 1. Muzeina; 2. Port (Mina); 3. Center; 4.Tarabin; and to the north 5. Ras Shaitan; and 6. Bir Sweir.

See photos of Nuweiba.

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