Serabit el Khadim

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Serabit el Khadim is the most important Pharaonic ruin in the Sinai featuring the only temple outside of mainland Egypt, on the flat top of a small range. The easy climb starts at the end of the asphalt road in the settlement of the same name. You find several mines on the plateau as well as the Temple of Hathor, and get spectacular views on the desert belt and the Tih Plateau. You could descend on the other side at Umm Ajraf, convenient if you carry on to El Ramla or Wadi Mukattab.

Other names/spellings: Serabit el Khadem, Serabit el Hadim, Serabit al-Hadem

  • Serabit el Khadim: a small settlement at the foot of the mountain range of the same name, and the archaeological site. It is on the edge of the vast sandy plain known as El Ramla.
  • Coastal roads: two main routes exist from the Gulf of Suez, one via Wadi Gharandal between Ras Sudr and Abu Zenima, the other branching off the main coastal route shortly after Abu Zenima. In both places you might get a vehicle or organise a complete programme. Even if you have your own vehicle, be advised the road is tricky and you have to be accompanied by a Bedouin guide.
  • Rod el Air: the pass from the settlement to the top of the range, with carvings and inscriptions along the way.
  • Archaeological site: it consists of several little mining shafts, each with a Pharaonic carving, and the Temple of Hathor. You get far reaching views from the plateau on to El Ramla, the Tih Plateau and Jebel Hmeyer.
  • Umm Ajraf: a secluded sandy area on the other side of the archaeological site, from where you can carry on to Wadi Mukattab and Wadi Maghara via Wadi Sieh, or to the Forest of Pillars via Wadi Khamila and Ramlat Hmeyer.

See: Trek 23 

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