St. Katherine

The town of St. Katherine is famous for the Monastery of St. Katherine, built on the site of the Burning Bush at the foot of Mt. Sinai (Jebel Musa). This is the only site most tourists visit in the interior, so it can get crowded. The best way to avoid the crowds, at least on Mt. Sinai, is to go for the sunset instead of the sunrise and descend to town before total darkness sets in. A wide range of accommodation is available in town, from simple camps to up-market hotels. A new ecolodge, called Mount Sina Eclodge, has also opened its doors near town in Wadi Isbaiya. 

Map of St. Katherine

St. Catherine consists of a small town center and a few little settlemets around town. The main attraction, the Monastery of St. Katherine, is before town in a short wadi, and the main route to Mt. Sinai starts from here.

Main locations: 1. Visitor Centre; 2. The Golden Calf; 3. the Monastery of St. Katherine; 4. Mt. Sinai; 5. town center; 6. the Rock of Moses; and 7. the Monastery of the Forty Martyrs.

See photos of St Katherine.

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