The northernmost resort town on the Gulf of Aqaba, Taba is a popular holiday destination. It is also the border town with Israel, and you could also take a ferry to Jordan. Apart from the resorts and sea, and a casino, there is not much to see and do in this area, with the only exception being Pharaoh Island, a nice day-programme just off the coast. Along the coast, towards Nuweiba, there are many simple camps with huts on the beach, offering an alternative to the upmarket hotels. 

Map of Taba

Taba consists of two bigger hubs of high-end hotels and a less developed coast line with the Pharaoh Island. There is a road across the interior to the tunnel and Suez. The coastal route is the way to Israel and there is a border station shortly after Taba at Ras el Masri.

Main locations: 1. Taba Heights; 2. Pharaoh Island; 3. Taba; and 4. the border station.

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