Trek 3: The Wadi Shaq – Wadi Zawatin area (1-2 days)

Accessible from town via the Abu Jeefa pass, these wadis are the first step to the high mountains. Most treks pass through this area, but visitors rarely slow down to appreciate all that is to see. Exploring the area makes a nice and easy 1-2-day programme, a great alternative to Mt. Sinai. In fact, this is a much easier trek, involving only one steep climb at the beginning (half an hour instead of the 1.5 hours at Mt. Sinai!) and the rest of the walk is over more or less flat terrain and gentle ascents. There are a lot of interesting sights along the way, including Byzantine ruins, little canyons, water pools and beautiful Bedouin gardens.

You can click waypoints marked with a green camera symbol to see a photo taken at, near or of the given location.

Trek photos

waypoint 01: Abu Jeefa bottom, Ein Tufaha

waypoint 02: Abu Jeefa top

waypoint 03: Islibet

waypoint 04: Ein Shkaya

waypoint 05: Wadi Shaq – Wadi Tubuq junction

waypoint 06: Wadi Tubuq, mulberry tree

waypoint 07: Wadi Shaq, Oda’s garden

waypoint 08: reservoir

waypoint 09: Kharaza bottom

waypoint 10: Kharaza top

waypoint 11: hermit cell

waypoint 12: garden and mulberry tree

waypoint 13: El Hrezi, Farhan’s garden

waypoint 14: Wadi Mathar, Sbail’s garden

waypoint 15: Wadi Shaq junction

waypoint 16: El Ehded

waypoint 17: Wadi Zawatin

waypoint 18: Farsh Zaq (lower)

waypoint 19: Kharazet el Mahashur

waypoint 20: El Ziri

waypoint 21: Farsh Zaq (upper)

waypoint 22: high path to Islibet

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