Trek 9: Jebel Umm Shaumar (1-2 days)

Jebel Umm Shaumar, the second highest mountain in the Sinai, is a very dramatic looking mountain with amazing views: you can see the coastal plain at El Tur, the Gulf of Suez and across it mainland Egypt. On the other side the whole high mountain region is visible and if the weather is clear you can see the ranges in Saudi Arabia in the distance to the south. Wadi Rumhan, at its base, has seen better days: there are many gardens but they are abandoned and broken. Still it is a convenient place to set up camp as you find water. The ruined ancient Byzantine monastery, Deir Rumhan, is an important archaeological site standing on the side of the wadi.

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You can click waypoints marked with a green camera symbol to see a photo taken at, near or of the given location. 

Trek photos

waypoint 01: Wadi Zawatina

waypoint 02: the beginning of the path over Jebel Abu Shajara

waypoint 03: Jebel Abu Shajara, higher ground, with the view of Jebel Rumhan

waypoint 04: ridge, with the view of Jebel Umm Shaumar

waypoint 05: top of saddle, with the view of Wadi Rumhan

waypoint 06: top of gully, with the view of the coastal plain, El Qaa

waypoint 07: peak of Jebel Umm Shaumar, with the view of the Gulf of Suez

waypoint 08: Deir Rumhan

waypoint 09: path in Naqb Breqa, with the view of Jebel Umm Shaumar

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