Wadi Feiran

The main sights in Wadi Feiran is its Convent. The functioning, newer complex is in a beautiful garden on the main road, right next to older ruins. Opposite is Jebel Tahoun, with several hermit caves at its base and the ruins of a church on top. The view from there is dominated by towering Jebel Serbal, possibly the most beautiful mountain in the Sinai. It was believed in early ages to be the true Mt. Sinai. A guesthouse in the Convent and a couple of beautiful Bedouin gardens a bit further on along the road provide accommodation. Wadi Feiran is a very long settlement, with the centre, Markez Feiran, in the middle at an open plain. 

Map of Wadi Feiran

Wadi Feiran is a long settlement with the Convent, the Bedouin gardens and the center at some distance from each other along the main road.

Main locations: 1. the Convent of Wadi Feiran; 2. Jebel Tahoun; 3. Bedouin garden camps; 4. Ruins of old convent; and 5. Wadi Feiran center (Markez Feiran).

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