Garden of Oda el-Afeli


Recently renovated by Ouda and his son Mohammed, this garden is located in the upper part of Wadi Itlah, an easy-moderate one-hour walk from St Catherine town. It offers a magnificent view on the line of gardens below and the long mountain ranges, as well as a couple of stone rooms and a big arisha, a well-equipped kitchen, a bathroom and toilets. It is one of the most beautifully renovated gardens in the mountain wadis, without any doubt. 

It is the second "herbal garden" in Wadi Itlah, the other being Doctor Ahmed's, both growing a variety of medicinal and aromatic herbs and other organic produce. Mohamed and his friend Salem Elhinaney also do work in other gardens nearby and keep bees - they are actively involved in preserving the Bedouin gardening traditions, but, at the same time, complement this activity with tourism. It is a great model, well done! This garden is a beautiful and creative mountain retreat, a tranquil little garden lodge.


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