Garden of Saad Abu Saada

The garden of late Saad Abu Saada, God have mercy on his soul, is now looked after by the sons, mostly Mahmoud. It is a beautiful, well-kept garden which offers all the important facilities visitors need. Mahmoud is a keen gardener and he is keen to improve his place. He is a creative mind experimenting with contemporary ideas, and recently rebuilt the old arisha with an unused greenhouse frame. Its shape is unusual, but has a traditional feel as well, as it is covered with canes and pieces of Bedouin tent fabric, and looks good among the traditional stone buildings. It is reused material, which is more environmentally friendly than buying and/or building anything new, and the design is practical. Mahmoud is now focused on the kitchen and would like to utilise some unused coloured glass bottles to replace the cardboard in the kitchen window to block the sun, plus make shelves and tile the sink area with flat rocks. In the garden there are several stone rooms, some in the main compound, others standing alone. There is also a big water tank; built for irrigation, it is also used as a swimming pool when full. A recently built composting toilet and an older bathroom stand a few steps away from the rooms. Apart from the first 4 photos, they were all taken in 2019.


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