Bab el Donya

Trek 5

Bab el Donya and Jebel Bab are two peaks of the same range, on the perimeter of the high mountains. To the west you get spectacular views of lower ranges running towards the Gulf of Suez and in clear weather you can see across the sea. The spring of Ein Najila, at the foot of Bab el Donya, drips from the mountain to a stone fountain. The overflowing water forms a little creek running through a series of shallow granite pools and disappearing in the sandy wadi floor.

Other names/spellings: Bab el Dunya – Jabal, Gebel, Gabal, Djebel, Djabal – el-Bab, al-Bab

  • Bab el Donya (Jebel Bab): one of the several ranges that make up the massif that runs parallel to the last stretch of Wadi Jibal, but often the whole massif is called by these names.
  • Ein Najila: the spring at the foot of Bab el Donya, on the top of the massif.
  • Farsh Zatar: the basin atop the massif near Ein Najila, where the routes from Naqb Umm Siha and Naqb Bahariya connect.
  • Naqb Umm Siha: a steep pass that leads up to the Bab el Donya massif from an area of Wadi Jibal called Abu Gasaba. From here the route goes through Farsh Aranab, before reaching Farsh Zatar.
  • Naqb Bahariya: a very steep gully connecting Farsh Zatar to an area of Wadi Jibal called Farsh Rummana.
  • Wadi Jibal: a long wadi starting from Rehebit Nada near Wadi Zawatin and taking a sharp turn at an area called Abu Gasaba, and finally ending in the big open basin of Farsh Rummana.
  • Farsh Rummana: many gardens are found in this open area, and trekking groups usually stay in one of them for the night.

More details: Trek 5 

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