Trek 5: The Galt el Azraq circuit (3-5 days)

The biggest of the high mountain circuits, the main attractions along this 3-5-day trek include Bab el Donya, a mountain on the perimeter of the high mountains offering stunning views towards the Gulf of Suez, and Galt el Azraq, the biggest natural water pool in the region. This trek could be done alone or conveniently combined with other treks and the Wadi Tinya circuit.

Read more: Bab el Donya, Galt el Azraq.

You can click waypoints marked with a green camera symbol to see a photo taken at, near or of the given location. 

Trek photos

waypoint 01: Abu Jeefa bottom, Ein Tufaha

waypoint 02: Abu Jeefa top

waypoint 03: Islibet

waypoint 04: Ein Shkaya

waypoint 05: Wadi Shaq – Wadi Tubuq junction

waypoint 06: Wadi Tubuq, mulberry tree

waypoint 07: El Ehded

waypoint 08: Wadi Zawatin

waypoint 09: top of Naqb Zawatin, Rehebet Nada

waypoint 10: Wadi Bulia junction

waypoint 11: the saddle, Sharafat el Iskikriya

waypoint 12: Farsh Dgemiyet

waypoint 13: Naqb Aswad Eish, Salem’s garden

waypoint 14: Abu Gasaba

waypoint 15: top of Naqb Umm Siha

waypoint 16: top of climb

waypoint 17: look-out point

waypoint 18: boulders

waypoint 19: Farsh Zatar

waypoint 20: Ein Najila with Jebel el Bab in the background

waypoint 21: view from Jebel el Bab

waypoint 22: top of Naqb Bahariya

waypoint 23: Farsh Rummana

waypoint 24: Berry Canyon, Sid Abu Hbeq

waypoint 25: Galt el Azraq

waypoint 26: Farsh Umm Silla

waypoint 27: Farsh Umm Silla – Abu Tuweita pass

waypoint 28: Wadi Abu Tuweita

waypoint 29: plateau edge

waypoint 30: Wadi Tinya

waypoint 31: Wadi Sagar top

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