Circuit 1: The big tour – coast, desert and St. Katherine

This circuit visits all the major sites accessible on- or off-road. We start in Sharm el Sheikh, but it is also convenient coming from Cairo via Ras Sudr and starting at Abu Zenima, leaving our first day for last.

Unfortunately the 4×4 off-road safari routes cannot be displayed in Google Maps as they are too big, and a big part of the information doesn’t show up. You can see the routes with the waypoints in Google Earth as well as download the waypoints on your GPS device.

Camps sites: 1. Abu Zenima; 2. Forest of Pillars; 3. Wadi Feiran; 4. Sheikh Awad; 5. St. Katherine; 6. Jebel Dalal (Joofa); 7. Jebel Berqa area; 8. Coloured Canyon; 9. Ein Khudra oasis; 10. Jebel Barqa; 11. Abu Galum Protectorate; 12. Ein Kid oasis; 13. Nabq Protectorate.

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