Closed Canyon

Trek 18

Located just off Wadi Khudra in a secluded sandy basin, the Closed Canyon is usually approached by 4×4 via Ein Khudra, Ras Ghazala, Jebel Mileihis or Ein Furtaga. On foot you could also come via Wadi Rum, or from the Tarabin areas in the north. The Closed Canyon is not the most famous sight, but it is impressive as it runs extremely narrowly between very high walls. The beginning of the canyon is still relatively wide, but later it gets so narrow people can just about pass through. The canyon then widens up a bit, but as the name suggests is closed at the very end by unscalable vertical walls.

Other names/spellings: Kanion – Msakka, Msaka

  • Closed Canyon: it is located in a little secluded sandy wadi, virtually a dead-end branch of Wadi Khudra.
  • Wadi Khudra: a long and wide sandy wadi, connecting the oasis of Ein Khudra to Wadi Ghazala. This is also the off-road route for vehicles.
  • Wadi Rum: a long wadi, sandy and wide at the beginning then continuing in a steep, narrow and rocky stretch, it connects the Nawamis area to Wadi Khudra. There is a shortcut to and views on the oasis of Ein Khudra at one point.
  • Naqb el Hemidet: a pass accessible on foot and for camels, it connects the Closed Canyon and Wadi Khudra area to Wadi Ghazala and Jebel Mileihis.
  • Wadi Ghazala: a long and sandy wadi, more like a desert plain at the top at Ras Ghazala, draining to Wadi Watir at Ein Furtaga, the way to the Coloured Canyon.

See: Trek 18 

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