Trek 18: Wadi Rum and Closed Canyon (1-2 days)

The cute Closed Canyon is near the oasis of Ein Khudra, starting as a very narrow crack between high walls, until it gets to a little open area where, as the name suggests, it ends. It can be reached from Wadi Khudra, on the way to or from the oasis. You can also reach it via Wadi Rum, that starts near the Nawamis area and Naqb Ghlim as a wide sandy wadi, and ends in a narrow rocky stretch joining Wadi Khudra. This area is also where treks from the Tarabin region in the north – from Jebel Berqa and El Breqa – connect. You could also start in Ein Khudra via a look-out point, reaching Wadi Rum at the end of the sandy part. You would skip most of Wadi Rum but would get a feel of both the sandy and rocky part. From the Closed Canyon you can either return to the oasis of Ein Khudra, or carry on to Jebel Mileihis via a pass.

Read more: Closed Canyon.

You can click waypoints marked with a green camera symbol to see a photo taken at, near or of the given location.

Trek photos

waypoint 01: the Nawamis area

waypoint 02: Wadi Rum, path accessible to camels

waypoint 03: footpath to Wadi Rum in gully

waypoint 04: Umm Serabit

waypoint 05: Wadi Rum junction, looking south to the pass to Ein Khudra

waypoint 06: gap leading to Wadi Khudra

waypoint 07: spring flowing to fountain

waypoint 08: path down to sandy area in Wadi Rum

waypoint 09: Wadi Rum narrow part

waypoint 11: Wadi Khudra

waypoint 12: turn off to the Closed Canyon from Wadi Khudra

waypoint 13: entrance to the Closed Canyon

waypoint 14: bottom of Naqb el Hemidet

waypoint 15: top of Naqb el Hemidet

waypoint 16: bottom of Naqb el Hemidet in Whadi Ghazala

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