Coloured Canyon

Trek 21

Although it is probably the most visited sight in the Sinai interior after St. Katherine, you can still find peace and quiet at this beautiful spot. Most groups arrive mid-morning, so you could visit the canyon early morning or late afternoon without others. A lodge is at the rim of the plateau above the canyon and a cafeteria at another point where the hike usually finishes. The 4×4 track to the Coloured Canyon starts at the little oasis of Ein Furtaga, located next to the asphalt road in Wadi Watir. From the coast there is another main route on foot, and if you’re up for a longer trek, you could carry on further into the Tarabin areas.

Other names/spellings: Colored Canyon

  • Coloured Canyon: one of the most visited attractions in the Sinai interior, it is located inland from the Nuweiba-Taba coast.
  • Coloured Canyon plateau: the Coloured Canyon is located in one of the little wadis found below a rocky plateau, where the cars arrive via Wadi Watir. You find a couple of cafeterias and a lodge here, both right at the edge with great views.
  • Wadi Watir: the main wadi between Nuweiba and the tunnel under the Suez canal. The off-road route to the Coloured Canyon starts from it, turning off at Ein Furtaga.
  • Wadi Milha el Atshan: a dry wadi, the last stretch of the walking route from the coast to the Coloured Canyon.
  • El Freya: a secluded sandy basin along the walking route from the coast to the Coloured Canyon, ideal camping ground.
  • Closed Canyon: not to be confused with the famous one near Ein Khudra, this little known gully is an alternative route from Wadi Milha el Atshan to the Coloured Canyon.

See: Trek 21 

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