Ein Khudra oasis and White Canyon

Trek 17

Ein Khudra is a beautiful oasis in a hidden basin, connected to a sandy plateau above – and the St. Katherine road – by the White Canyon. Cars can only reach the oasis via Wadi Khudra, either coming from Ein Furtaga or Ras Ghazala. You can visit the White Canyon and carry on to other sights or make a loop and get back via the pass of Ein Khudra. It is an easy pass, the direct route connecting Ein Khudra to the plateau. Some eight gardens are found in the oasis, all catering for visitors and providing basic facilities.

Other names/spellings: Ain, Ayn – Khodra, Hodra, Hudra

  • Ein Khudra oasis: a charming green oasis in a secluded sandy basin encircled by vertical rock walls, it is hidden below a big sandy plain known as the Hajar Maktub area.
  • White Canyon: from the Hajar Maktub area you can reach the oasis of Ein Khudra via the White Canyon, an adventurous little trek involving some scramble. You can also connect to Wadi Ghazala from here via the steep sandy gully known as Majaza.
  • Hajar Maktub area: a big open sandy plain named after the rock outcrop with inscriptions standing in the middle of it. The main asphalt road and Cafeteria Joma are located in the plain.
  • Sharafat Ein Khudra: akso known as El Gaby Shee, it is the little saddle on the edge of the Hajar Maktub area revealing the hidden oasis below.
  • Wadi Khudra: a long and wide sandy wadi, connecting the oasis of Ein Khudra to Wadi Ghazala. This is also the off-road route for vehicles.
  • Ein Khudra look-out point: located right above the oasis with a good path leading up to it, it is also the way to/from Wadi Rum as an alternative.

See: Trek 17 

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