Ein Kid

Trek 11

It is a secluded and remote oasis between St. Katherine, Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh, with only a handful of Bedouin living there. Approachable from St. Katherine only on foot, and via a one-way 4×4 track from the Sharm-Dahab road, it remains largely untouched offering a feel of what a real oasis is used to be. There is not much to do, apart from enjoying the setting and having a Bedouin tea, but that’s what gives its authenticity and character. Cars cannot drive all the way to the oasis and you have to walk about 10 minutes.

Other names/spellings: Ain, Ayn – el-Kid, al-Kid, Kidd

  • Wadi Kid: a long wadi that starts at a connection of wadis in the remote mountains and runs all the way to the Sharm el Sheikh road. In its upper part you find the oasis of Ein Kid, while further down the wadi the settlement of Seil Riem. There are many different routes to the oasis, but either case it is a long way.
  • Nasb route: the easiest route, starting from the settlement of Wadi Nasb which can be reached by car. It goes via Naqb Halisat, Wadi Imlah and Wadi Kayasa, reaching the upper end of Wadi Kid.
  • Waraa route: the shortest route starting at the abandoned settlement of Waraa which can be reached by car, it first leads to an area known as Hajar Kharas, from where you can choose between Wadi Ahmar or Wadi Nahara. The former is easier a bit, and perhaps more scenic, while the later is tougher. The two routes join at the bottom before reaching the upper end of Wadi Kid.
  • Wadi Rumhan routes: several options exist from Wadi Rumhan, they are all quite long and tough at places.

See: Trek 11 

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