Trek 11: Ein Kid (1-2 days)

Ein Kid is a secluded, pretty oasis at a narrow, rocky part of Wadi Kid, home to only a few people. You can reach it from several directions from the Nasb area or from Wadi Rumhan. The walks start in Ulad Said country but from the oasis it is Muzeina territory. From the oasis trekkers usually take a 4×4 (you have to organise it in advance as there are no vehicles here) or possibly get a car further in the wadi at the settlement of Seil Riem. In theory you could walk from here all the way to the sea at the Nabq Protectorate in two more days, described in the next trek, but make sure to check with local Muzeina Bedouin if it is possible at the time as some areas might be restricted, and until the end of the walk stay with a Bedouin guide!

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You can click waypoints marked with a green camera symbol to see a photo taken at, near or of the given location. 

Trek photos

waypoint 01: beginning of Naqb Halisat with the view of Wadi Nasb 

waypoint 02: Wadi Kayasa with the Wadi Imlah junction in the background

waypoint 03: top of Wadi Kid

waypoint 04: Ein Kid oasis

waypoint 05: Waraa

waypoint 06: Hajar Kharas area (Wadi Ahmar)

waypoint 07: sharp turn in Wadi Ahmar

waypoint 08: Wadi Nahara bottom

waypoint 09: Wadi Rumhan

waypoint 10: pass to Wadi Tarafa

waypoint 11: boulders and palms

waypoint 12: well at top of Wadi Tarafa

waypoint 13: path from Wadi Tarafa (caravan route)

waypoint 14: Wadi Luksuriya junction

waypoint 15: Bier Luksuriya

waypoint 16: junction

waypoint 17: high pass of Talat el Jamal

waypoint 18: Fara Dar

waypoint 19: Wadi Ahmar junction

waypoint 20: Wadi Umm Saida top

waypoint 21: Ein Umm Saida

waypoint 22: Wadi Umm Saida bottom (building was washed away by flood in 2014)

waypoint 23: Wadi Ngerat – Wadi Kid junction

waypoint 24: Wadi Kid – asphalt road junction

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