Forest of Pillars (Jebel Fuqa)

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Often the whole area is called Jebel Fuqa, which is a smaller range below Jebel Raqaba, a massive head of the Tih Plateau. The Forest of Pillars is an unusual geological rock formation at the foot of Jebel Raqaba, unfortunately badly affected by tourism. If you want to climb Jebel Raqaba for some stunning views, you can do so from the small Bedouin encampment known as Warsa where you can find a guide if yours doesn’t know the route. It takes 4-5 hours return – with rest you might count an extra day.

Other names/spellings: Jabal, Gebel, Gabal, Djebel, Djabal – Fuga, Fooga

  • Forest of Pillars: the site is located at the foot of a massive head of the Tih Plateau known as Jebel Raqaba, about half-way in the long desert plain known as El Ramla. Jebel Fuqa is a smaller red hill near the site.
  • Jebel Raqaba: an impressive head towering above the Forest of Pillars and jetting into the plain of El Ramla, it offers great views on the desert, the wall of the Tih and the high mountains in the distance. At its base El Warsaa settlement can provide water and accommodation, and guides if you want to climb the mountain. Accessible only on foot.
  • El Ramla: a vast desert plain that runs below the Tih Plateau, connecting the west coast to Wadi Zalaqa and the east coast.
  • Ramlat Hmeyer: an area within El Ramla between Jebel Raqaba and Serabit el Khadim, with very fine red sand, and a dark flat mountain called Jebel Hmeyer, accessible by car, that offers great views.
  • Wadi Sieh: the main route from Ramlat Hmeyer to Wadi Mukattab and Wadi Maghara.
  • Wadi Gharaba and Hashm el Gharaba: the routes from El Ramla to an area known as El Joofa, the first by 4×4, the later by foot only, on the way to either Wadi Zalaqa or the high mountains via Elu el Ajramiya.

See: Trek 24 

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