Trek 24: Along the Tih Plateau (4-7 days)

From Serabit el Khadim you can take long treks across the vast sandy plain that stretches below the impressive wall of the Tih Plateau. It is usually a combination of walking and camel riding. Depending on the route you have the chance to climb the Tih Plateau at different points, some routes actually lead over it. These walking-camel safaris can connect you to Wadi Feiran, the High Mountain Region at Sheikh Awad or Tarfa, the Muzeina region over the Guna Plateau or via Faranja, or to the Tarabin region at Jebel Berqa via Wadi Zalaqa. In combination with other long treks, these long programmes could be called expeditions, and the Bedouin consider these to be the real safari. The highlights along the way are Jebel Hmeyer, the Forest of Pillars and two heads of the Tih Plateau, Jebel Raqaba and Jebel Dalal. 

Read more: Jebel Hmeyer, Forest of Pillars (Jebel Fuqa), Jebel Dalal.

You can click waypoints marked with a green camera symbol to see a photo taken at, near or of the given location. 

Trek photos

waypoint 01: Serabit el Khadem settlement

waypoint 02: Umm Ajraf area

waypoint 03: pass between the hills at the foot of Jebel Hmeyer

waypoint 04: top of Jebel Hmeyer, with the view of Jebel Raqaba in the distance

waypoint 05: pass to the Forest of Pillars area

waypoint 06: the Warsa area, with the settlement at the foot of Jebel Raqaba

waypoint 07: the view from the top of Jebel raqaba to the east with the head of Jebel Dalal in the far distance

waypoint 08: basin at the Forest of Pillars, with Jebel Raqaba above it

waypoint 11: mouth of Wadi Ahdar in Wadi Feiran

waypoint 13: Sheikh Awad settlement

waypoint 14: desert plain with different route options

waypoint 15: Haraba, at the base of Jebel Dalal

waypoint 16: Karm Abu Sariya, in the basins of Jebel Dalal with the view of Jebel Ijma in the distance

waypoint 17: rim of Jebel el Dalal at Umm Nosra

waypoint 18: view from Naqb Ayana on the Wadi Zalaqa – Wadi Zaraniq junction, and the heads of Jebel Guna and Jebel Dalal

waypoint 19: approaching Naqb Atafi from Wadi Zalaqa

waypoint 20: Wadi Gharaba, with Jebel el-Dalal in the background

waypoint 21: pass to Joofa

waypoint 22: Bier Abu Wayed

waypoint 23: Elu el Ajramiya, with the view back on Jebel Dalal

waypoint 24: the road just before Tarfa settlement and the asphalt road, with the view of the high mountains in the background

waypoint 25: settlement at Sheikh Faranja (many cars due to festive event)

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