Jebel Banat

Trek 7

Located near the town of St. Katherine, Jebel Banat can be reached on foot either starting from the settlements of Abu Seila, Sheikh Awad or Abu Zeituna. It is a fairly demanding trek to reach it. Standing on the northern perimeter of the high mountain massif, the peak of Jebel Banat offers superb views of the whole high mountains region on one side and the lowlands on the other.

Other names/spellings: Jabal, Gebel, Gabal, Djebel, Djabal – el-Banat, al-Banat

  • Jebel Banat: red granite mountain on the edge of the high mountains.
  • Wadi Freah: a big open area, the first location along the route from the settlement of Abu Seila.
  • Wadi Saray: the shortest route from Wadi Freah to Jebel Banat.
  • Wadi Abu Zeituna: a long wadi connecting the settlement of Abu Zeituna to Jebel Banat.
  • Wadi Gharba: the wadi along the route to Jebel Banat from Sheikh Awad.
  • Wadi Nogra: a short wadi starting at the base of Jebel Banat and ending in a spectacular seasonal waterfall called Sida Nogra, connecting to Wadi Gharba.

More details: Trek 7 

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