Trek 7: The Sheikh Awad circuit (3-4 days)

Sheikh Awad is a small Bedouin settlement where the high mountains and the desert plains meet in the north. It is famous for its EU funded, but Bedouin owned and managed Al-Karm Eco-lodge. From the town of St. Katherine the easiest and fastest way on foot is via the traditional pilgrim route of Naqb el Hawa, an easy 1.5 hours descent from the settlement of Abu Seila, which you can reach by car, but you have other longer options all the way from town. From Sheikh Awad the circuit returns to St Katherine via another route, passing an impressive seasonal waterfall, a great mountain with beautiful vistas and Byzantine ruins. This circuit is not as attraction-packed as the two high mountain circuits, nevertheless it has its own unique atmosphere and some impressive highlights.

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You can click waypoints marked with a green camera symbol to see a photo taken at, near or of the given location. 

Trek photos

waypoint 01: Wadi Quweiz, saddle

waypoint 02: Wadi Itlah – Wadi Tala – Wadi Quweiz junction

waypoint 03: Orthodox church 

waypoint 04: Dr Ahmed’s garden

waypoint 05: Ubugiya

waypoint 06: Sheikh Ahmed

waypoint 07: Sheikh Awad settlement

waypoint 08: Abu Seila, Naqb el Hawa

waypoint 09: Al Karm Ecolodge

waypoint 10: dam, Wadi Gharba

waypoint 11: hole under boulder

waypoint 12: Sida Nogra bottom

waypoint 13: path up wadi side

waypoint 14: Sida Nogra top

waypoint 15: Wadi Nogra

waypoint 16: Wadi Tarkiba junction

waypoint 17: basin

waypoint 18: Jebel Banat top

waypoint 19: Wadi Freah

waypoint 20: Wadi Abu Zeituna junction

waypoint 21: Bustan el Birka

waypoint 22: Wadi Abu Zeituna junction

waypoint 23: Wadi Abu Zeituna junction

waypoint 24: Farsh Sana

waypoint 25: Kharazin area

waypoint 26: Naqb Abu Zeituna top

waypoint 26: Abu Zeituna settlement

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