Sid al Nogra

Trek 7

Sid al Nogra is a seasonal waterfall, a very dramatic sight, especially when there is water flowing in it. Usually there is a little in the granite pools at the top, fed by underground streams collecting water from a huge area. Located half-day’s walk from the town of St. Katherine, it’s a fairly demanding trek to reach Sid al Nogra, usually combined with a climb to Jebel Banat. You could either start from the settlements of Abu Seila, Sheikh Awad or Abu Zeituna.

Other names/spellings: Sida Nogra, Sid el-Nogra, Sid el Nugra

  • Sid al Nogra: seasonal water fall with granite pools at the top, draining the big Wadi Freah area via Wadi Nogra to Wadi Gharba.
  • Wadi Freah: a wide open wadi, or more like a plain or a huge basin, it is in the mountains above the settlement of Abu Seila.
  • Wadi Saray: the direct route from Wadi Freah to Wadi Nogra.
  • Wadi Abu Zeituna: a long wadi starting above the settlement of Abu Zeituna, which is on the main St. Katherine road, it runs towards the Wadi Freah area before connecting to Wadi Nogra.
  • Wadi Gharba: the wadi below the waterfall of Sida Nogra, with several cascades and smaller seasonal waterfalls. It connects to Al-Karm Ecolodge and the settlement of Sheikh Awad.

More details: Trek 7 

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