Jebel Barqa (Jebel Makharum) and Haduda sand dune

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The fairly well-known Jebel Makharum, the “mountain with the hole”, is one of the sandstone hills of a range known as Jebel Barqa. It is a spectacular area, popular with 4x4s as well as trekkers. Haduda sand dune, the biggest dune in South Sinai, is at the edge of the big open sandy plain, across from the Barqa ranges. The area is also connected to Wadi Arada via Bier Safra and another sand dune known as Dune at Safra.

Other names/spellings: Jabal, Gebel, Gabal, Djebel, Djabal – Barga, Birga – Makharoom, Maharoom, Maharum

  • Jebel Barqa: spectacular sandstone ranges in the middle of a big sandy plain (sometimes referred to as El Jibi), it consists of several separate hills and rock formations, including the best known Jebel Makharum.
  • Jebel Makharum: is a rocky outcrop at Jebel Barqa, with a big hole cutting through in the middle and a sand dune leading up to the hole’s entrance. Some believe it looks like a dinosaur head.
  • Haduda sand dune: standing at the edge of the plain, it is a steep sand dune leading down to Wadi Haduda, that leads to the asphalt road or the lower part of Wadi Jibi.
  • Wadi el Kiri: a wadi with a massive rock hill, on the way from the Nawamis area to Jebel Barqa.
  • Naqb Seh Hashen: the pass between Wadi el Kiri and the Jebel Barqa area, with spectacular views on the plain.
  • Wadi Jibi (upper): another way from the Nawamis area to Jebel Barqa, it is a wadi that after an inaccessible part continues below Haduda sand dune.
  • Wadi Jibi (lower): the lower part of Wadi Jibi leads to Ras Ghazala or to a pass, located across the asphalt road to Dahab and known as Naqb Umm Isma, that leads to the Abu Galum Protectorate.
  • Wadi Hamam: a narrow wadi that connects the Jebel Barqa plain to Wadi Zagra and the Dahab road.
  • Bier Safra: over a dam at an area called Umm Rayah, you can reach Bier safra and then either continue to Wadi Arada settlement passing Dune at Safra, or via a system of long wadis to the Blue Desert.

See: Trek 16 

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