Trek 16: Nawamis Site, Jebel Matamir, Jebel Barqa and Haduda Sand Dune (3-4 days)

Starting at the mysterious Nabataean structures known as Nawamis, this trek takes you through some of the most amazing desert landscapes of big open plains and monumental surrealistic rock formations. The highlights include, after the Nawamis site, Jebel Matamir, Jebel Barqa and the iconic hill with the hole, Jebel Makharum, and South Sinai’s biggest sand slope, Haduda sand dune. You could return to the starting point or continue different ways, including to the coast at Abu Galum Protectorate near Dahab. It is a long, but easy-moderate trek with a bit of scrambling if you want to climb to the peaks of Jebel Matamir and Jebel Barqa. It is also ideal for camel riding. 

Read more: Nawamis site, Jebel Matamir, Jebel Barqa and Haduda sand dune.

You can click waypoints marked with a green camera symbol to see a photo taken at, near or of the given location. 

Trek photos

waypoint 01: the Nawamis settlement with Jebel Matamir in the background

waypoint 02: the Nawamis site

waypoint 03: the base of Jebel Matamir

waypoint 04: gap at top of climb

waypoint 05: basin inside

waypoint 06: view from the north peak

waypoint 07: view from the south peak

waypoint 08: basin system

waypoint 09: top of sandy gully with view back

waypoint 10: El Kiri with Jebel Matamir in the distance

waypoint 11: Naqb Seh Hashen with the view of Jebel Barqa

waypoint 12: reaching the base of the Jebel Barqa range

waypoint 13: gully to/from summit of Jebel Barqa

waypoint 14: view from summit of Jebel Barqa on Jebel Makharum and the Haduda sand dune

waypoint 15: gully to/from summit of Jebel Barqa

waypoint 16: Jebel Makharum

waypoint 17: Haduda sand dune

waypoint 18: turn off to Wadi Jibi from Wadi Haduda

waypoint 19: junction of paths to Naqb Umm Misma or Ras Ghazala

waypoint 20: Naqb Umm Misma bottom

waypoint 21: Wadi Jibi

waypoint 22: Ras Ghazala

waypoint 23: Umm Ishtain area

waypoint 24: view back from the beginning of Wadi Hamam, marked by a pile of big boulders, on Jebel Barqa

waypoint 25: Umm Rayah area

waypoint 26: path over dam to Bier Safra

waypoint 27: wadi connecting to the upper part of Wadi Jibi

waypoint 28: Wadi Jibi

waypoint 29: way from Wadi Jibi to Cafeteria Joma

waypoint 30: Cafeteria Joma (Hajar Maktub)

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