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The biggest site of the mysterious Nabataean buildings known as Nawamis, it is located a short distance from the St. Katherine road, although not really visible from it. Little is known about these buildings, found all over South Sinai and nowhere else but South Sinai. Often claimed they are burial places, but no bones were found to prove this theory. They are always located at elevated points with the doors always facing west. The name actually comes from the Arabic word for mosquitoes. A bit awkward to approach by car as the turn-off point is at a sharp curve, there is a small Bedouin settlement nearby with an inspiring community building.

Other names/spellings: Noamis, Nawamees, Nowamis

  • Nawamis Site: the biggest site containing some of the best preserved Nawamis buildings, near the main St Katherine road and the Nawamis settlement.
  • Nawamis area: the big open sandy plain around the archaeological site on two sides of the St. Katherine road, with Naqb Ghlim, Wadi Rum and the Hajar Maktub area in the north, and the Nawamis Site, Jebel Matamir, Wadi el Kiri and Wadi Jibi in the south. There is a small settlement where guides and camels can be organised.
  • Jebel Matamir: its surrealistic stone formations are visible from far away, this sandstone range with its secluded basins and steep sand dunes stands as a beautiful backdrop to the Nawamis site.

See: Trek 16 

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