Rainbow Canyon

Trek 22

Colourful canyon, with its entrance opening from a secluded sandy basin encircled by jagged rock faces. You can only reach the area on foot, either coming from Bier Biriya, a well with date palms, or from Wadi Watir via Hlel el Waar. It’s a pretty place, worth a visit if you are walking from the Coloured Canyon to Jebel Berqa, but to make a detour just to see it alone probably not.

Other names/spellings: Kanion Rainbow

  • Rainbow Canyon: located off a sandy basin, which can be approached from Bier Biriya over two rocky passes and a basin, or from Wadi Watir via the very narrow, sandy Hlel el Waar.
  • Wadi Biriya: a short wadi where a few palms and a well known as Bier Biriya are found, connecting to Wadi Arada and then Wadi Watir. To the Rainbow Canyon the route starts over a rock face right opposite the well.
  • Hlel el Waar: wider at the top at the Rainbow Canyon, it’s a wadi that gets very narrow towards the end at Wadi Watir. The terrain is soft sand all the way.
  • Wadi Watir: the main wadi between Nuweiba and the tunnel under the Suez canal. The route to Ein Umm Ahmed and Jebel Berqa carries on across the road in Wadi Haramat.

See: Trek 22 

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