Trek 10: From Wadi Rumhan to El Tur (2 days)

Part of the classic caravan route from St. Katherine to El Tur city, it is a pleasant walk with some nice spots, but involves long monotonous stretches. The gorge and the view at the end of Wadi Isla are stunning. There is also a tougher, but more interesting route via Wadi Muajed.

Read more about: Wadi Isla.

You can click waypoints marked with a green camera symbol to see a photo taken at, near or of the given location. 

Trek photos

waypoint 01: Wadi Rumhan

waypoint 02: pass from Wadi Tarafa

waypoint 03: Seil Muajed, with a bit of a view of Jebel Umm Shaumar

waypoint 04: Wadi Rumhan, with the view of Jebel Rumhan and the pass to Wadi Muajed on its right

waypoint 06: Wadi Isla gorge

waypoint 07: Seil Isla with the view of El Qaa

waypoint 08: El Qaa with the view of Jebel Umm Shaumar

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