Wishwashi Canyon

Trek 21

Located a couple of hours walk from the laid-back beaches of Ras Shaitan, between Nuweiba and Taba, the Wishwashi Canyon is a pretty little place. It is just off Wadi Milha, the route to the Coloured Canyon. Wishwashi Canyon is usually visited as part of that trek, but could be done alone. A little scrambling is involved to reach the point where the canyon is cut off, and water might be present at places in little pools.

Other names/spellings: Kanion – Wishwishi

  • Wishwashi Canyon: cul-de-sac off Wadi Milha, it is a pretty place especially after rains.
  • Wadi Milha: the most common walking route from Ras Shaitan to the Coloured Canyon.
  • Ras Shaitan: a laid-back coast with beach camps between Nuweiba and Taba.
  • Moyat el Milha: date palms and water source in Wadi Milha, also the spot where the roue leads over a high pass to El Freya.
  • El Freya: a secluded sandy basin, with possibly water trickling at its lush lower end. You find date palms in the upper part, from where the route continues over a very high pass known as Naqb el Kohla. El Freya is a great camping ground if you’re not in a rush.

See: Trek 21 

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