Trek 15: Arada Canyon and Nosrat el Guna (2-3 days)

Arada Canyon – also called Double Canyon as it is two connecting canyons – is on the main tourist path, with 4x4s often visiting the site. Still it is a nice place, and for sure there will be no vehicles up on the Guna Plateau. The Guna range is very long, it takes days to walk from one end to the other, but this short and moderate trek is a nice highlight of what the plateau has to offer. It includes a great look-out point at a stone structure known as Nosrat el Guna, or simply just nosra. Meaning trap, these stone structures are more probably ruins from early ages. From the Guna Plateau you can descend to the Nawamis area either via the steep Naqb Abaya pass, or via Naqb Ghlim, the longer camel route. You could also head north to Tarabin country, to places such as Jebel Berqa and Ein Umm Ahmed.

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You can click waypoints marked with a green camera symbol to see a photo taken at, near or of the given location.

Trek photos

waypoint 01: Wadi Arada settlement

waypoint 02: open area

waypoint 03: Arada Canyon junction shortly before the foot of Jebel Guna

waypoint 04: way into Arada Canyon

waypoint 05: path up Jebel Guna

waypoint 06: top of Jebel Guna

waypoint 08: Farsh Abaya

waypoint 08: “nosra” at look-out point

waypoint 09: Naqb Abaya, difficult branch

waypoint 10: Naqb Abaya, easy branch

waypoint 11: Naqb Abaya bottom

waypoint 12: approaching the Nawamis area

waypoint 13: Wadi Ghlim – Wadi Rum junction, approaching the Nawamis area

waypoint 14: small pass

waypoint 15: Bier Umm Hamata

waypoint 16: Wadi Umm Hamata – Wadi Ghlim junction

waypoint 17: path up to Naqb Ghlim

waypoint 18: top of Naqb Ghlim

waypoint 19: Bier Ghlim

waypoint 20: Wadi Ghlim – Wadi Zalaqa junction

waypoint 21: Wadi Zalaga – Jebel Berqa junction

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